Friday, May 11, 2012

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign Launches Mother's Day-Themed TV Ad

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The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol on Friday launched a Mother's Day-themed TV ad in support of Amendment 64, a statewide ballot initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol that would go before voters in November.

The ad, slated to air during "The Today Show" and "Ellen' on Friday, features a barefoot young women sitting in the grass typing a letter to her mother on a laptop, saying she has come to prefer marijuana over alcohol in part because she feels safer around people using marijuana.

The ad takes a casual tone, invoking all the warmth and intimacy of a mother-daughter relationship. "I hope this makes sense," the daughter says in her letter, "but if not let's talk. I love you."

The ad appears to be part of a wider effort to make inroads with female voters after public polling in Colorado and California suggested more women oppose legalization than men. The Denver Post's John Ingold reports:
A poll put out in December by the firm Public Policy Polling reported that 49 percent of Coloradans say they favor marijuana legalization, compared with 40 percent who oppose it. Women, however, are less confident about legalization than men, with 47 percent in support and 42 percent opposed. When California voters decided on a marijuana-legalization initiative in 2010, the last poll before the election showed women more against legalization than men. The initiative ultimately failed, despite having majority support in polls months before the election.
The ad directs viewers to, a campaign website that encourages interpersonal communication about marijuana, particularly between the young and older voters.
"Our goal with this ad is to start a conversation -- and encourage others to start their own conversations -- about marijuana," said Betty Aldworth, advocacy director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, in a statement. "As more people talk to their family and friends about marijuana, more people understand that marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol and ought to be regulated like alcohol."
"For years they have been led to believe marijuana is more dangerous than it actually is, and that marijuana users are all slackers and losers," Aldworth said. "Once they hear from those closest to them that marijuana is used by millions of hard-working and professional people for the same reasons most adults use alcohol, they'll be forced to think about why they would prefer people use alcohol instead of a less harmful substance."
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