Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Since December of 2010, our company, Medicine DIspensing Systems (A Subsidiary of Medbox, Inc.) has rounded up over 60 individuals and small groups looking to participate in the medical marijuana dispensary certification program. The State is going to license 124 dispensaries statewide in a highly regulated system. Each license that is granted is the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket as it has 3 different facets that make them extremely valuable. Each license authorizes state approved cultivation, dispensing, and marijuana infusion into topical products and edibles.

After our company spent close to $700,000 in fees to zoning attorneys, realtors, landlords, municipality zoning fees, lobbying support, application preparation fees, securing of a medical director, etc, the certification program was put on hold by the AZ Governor 5 days prior to the application commencement date of July 1, 2011. Within the last 3 months, the announcement was made by the Governor's office that she is allowing the program to be proceed. They also removed the Arizona residency requirement for potential applicants.  Application submittal is for 30 days only and starts in the beginning of April.

Aside from our existing clients, within the last 3 months since the AZDHS certification program has been reinstated, we have acquired completed zoning permissions and landlord authorizations in the following CHAA zones:

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We are able to make application at the locations above for any potential entrepreneur wanting to be involved in this dynamic opportunity in Arizona. If interested, please contact us at


Vincent Mehdizadeh
CEO / Founder
Prescription Vending Machines, Inc.
DBA Medicine Dispensing Systems
A Subsidiary of Medbox, Inc. [MDBX] 


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