Friday, October 25, 2013

Canada Launches Access to Medical Marihuana Card

source: Digital Journal
EXISTING MMAR DONE OTTAWA, Oct. 22, 2013 /CNW/ - National Access Canada is launching the Medical Marihuana Card, Canada's first card to provide patients with safe and clinical access to medical marihuana. Cards will soon be accepted at over 40 in-person locations across Canada

"Our focus is on patient safety and to provide treatment options which will ultimately improve patient outcomes. Medical marihuana should be dispensed to Canadians in a safe, convenient environment that provides health awareness and reduces risk factors," said Alex Abellan, C.E.O of National Access Canada. "Our solution, the National Access Medical Marihuana Card will provide patients with safe access to their medicine, on-site pharmaceutical support and is already held by 5000 patients with 15,000 currently being processed."  

Medical marihuana is increasingly accepted as a therapeutic treatment not only in Canada but around the world for a range of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, glaucoma, asthma, collagen-induced arthritis, HIV-associated sensory neuropathy, chronic pain and depression among other ailments. Currently over 37,000 Canadians are qualified to use medical marihuana by the current Medical Marihuana Access Regulations Program. Health Canada projects an increase to 58,000 patients by 2014 and 450,000 by 2024.  

The National Access Canada Medical Marihuana Card will offer patients access to the first medical marihuana dispensaries that have implemented traditional pharmaceutical software. Patients will have access to an on-site pharmacist who will counsel the patient on correct dosage, drug interactions and also provide contraindication feedback. With the use of pharmaceutical software, these locations will work collaboratively to allow patients safe access to their medicine wherever they are in Canada.

 Over 40 locations spanning all provinces and territories will be open by March 31st

"Our card and our services bridge the gap between the patient and the licensed producer," says Abellan. "By tracking consumption and storing health information with patient consent, we are able to bank patient's supply enabling us to dispense in smaller doses. By working with multiple Health Canada approved licensed producers we will be able to provide patients with more strain varieties resulting in more treatment options. We will take a clinical approach to dispensing this narcotic." 

Over and above the certainty and reassurance that this system provides to patients, the National Access Medical Marihuana Card will be a safe alternative to the existing system. Currently, medical marihuana is distributed through letter carriers and other couriers posing security and privacy risks to patients and carriers.  These benefits and safeguards are what Canadians should expect and demand when it comes to dispensing this narcotic.  

Important Health Canada Medical Marijuana Updates

 Updated Jan 1, 2014 -Please Note* This website's main purpose is to be used as a reference guide. It is this website's intention ONLY to assist individuals with this transition period from the old MMAR system to the 2014 revised MMPR, furthermore DOES NOT participate with ANY political or legal stance on any current actions within any government anywhere.
 Heath Canada's MARR Program Revised - As of Midnight March 31, 2014 all current Canadian MMAR documents, possession licenses, growers permits, as well as designated growing permits will no longer be valid under the new law
 In short there will be three (3) companies that will provide all medical cannabis to all Canadians.
It is very important to remember all clients may only choose ONE producer to supply them with medicine. If dissatisfied they may withdraw their application and apply again to another producer. 
Avoid consulting companies charging any fee for the following information.
Applying for medical marijuana is a free service
U.S.A Medical Marijuana Cards click here

Revised 2014 - Canadian Medical Cannabis License

 You may also contact the Marijuana Medical Access Program with any questions at 1-866-337-7705,
or email
 If you have any other concern, please contact your local member of parliament by clicking here.
For an overview and contact information choose a Canadian medical marijuana supplier below:

What are the requirements to become a licensed producer?

To become a licensed producer, you must meet all requirements of the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, including, but not limited to:
  • obtaining the proper personal security clearances;
  • meeting the physical security requirements for the cultivation and storage areas;
  • submitting a completed licensed producer application.
For further information, please refer to the Becoming a Licensed Producer web page.
If you have any questions about these requirements or the application process, you can send us your questions by email to or call us at 1-866-337-7705.
Once complete, your application must be submitted to the following address:
Controlled Drugs Section
Licences and Permits Division
Office of Controlled Substances
Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate
Health Canada
Address Locator: 0300B
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9
All relevant sections of the application form must be completed and all required documents must be submitted. An incomplete application will not be processed and may be returned to you.

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