Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cannabis Irradiation - Health Canada's Medical Cannabis and what they do before it gets to the patient

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Canadian Medical Marijuana Exemption

Cannabis Irradiation

Health Canada's Medical Cannabis and what they do before it gets to the patient

Food irradiation was first developed in the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1960s. Despite being one of the most studied food technologies, information on food irradiation has not been well communicated to the broader public, largely because of the complexity of the subject matter. The purpose of these questions and answers is to provide some basic facts about this process.

1. What is food irradiation?

Food irradiation is a method of preserving food by using a type of radiation energy. It is one of several techniques that can be used by food producers to protect the quality of food before it reaches the grocery store. Other techniques include cooking or heating, canning, chemical treatments, and steam pasteurization. Food irradiation could also be used in combination with these techniques.

 2. Why irradiate food and how does irradiation protect food?

Irradiation is used in food processing for several reasons:

  • To prevent food poisoning: by reducing the level of harmful bacteria such as E.coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Campylobacter, and parasites which cause food borne diseases.
  • To prevent spoilage: by reducing the microbial load on foods, meaning it destroys bacteria, molds and yeast which cause food to spoil, and controls insect and parasite infestation.
  • To increase shelf life: by slowing the ripening or sprouting in fresh fruits and vegetables, thereby allowing for longer shelf life.

3. How much radiation is used?

The amount of radiation energy used or needed for a particular application varies depending on the food and the reason for irradiating. Typically, to increase shelf life or to prevent spoilage a low dose of irradiation is required, only 1 kilogray (kGy) of absorbed energy. To prevent food poisoning, the dose will depend on the type of bacteria being targeted and the type of food. An absorbed dose of up to 3 kGy is usually sufficient to kill Salmonella in fresh chicken. Generally, it takes higher levels of radiation to kill parasites and insects. Viruses, for the most part, are not destroyed by the irradiation levels that are suitable for use in foods.

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