Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Lakes Gathering for Autism

  • August 3 at 12:00pm until August 5 at 7:20pm in EDT

  • Montaque Michigan, Lucky Lake Campground & Outdoor Center LLC

  • We have revised this and ask for your understanding this gathering was created with 1 purposes in mind Unity. Desire to help the growing number of children suffering from the condition known to most as Autism was discovered by the committee members early in the planning stage.


    We are the committee forming the Great Lakes Gathering camping event. Thank you for the support you have already given us for this project.

    This letter should outline the event itself, the potential events available for sponsorship and the roles available to the Compassion Club's. Everything is negotiable.

    The location has been determined, the arrangements made and the schedule it fixed. The Gathering will be August 3-5 at the Lucky Lake Campground in Montague, Michigan. After all cost's covered a portion of all remaining proceeds will go to benefit an organization that helps young autistic people succeed in school. We have created a webpage for information and registration, will be promoting the event via a Facebook event page and have graphic artists lined up to do promotional materials. The architecture is in place.

    Events will include a bands or a DJ playing on Saturday night, Sat. night Bon-Fire on the beach, Drum Circles, and a pancake breakfast on Sunday. In addition to the main events above we have a long list of potential activities, each requiring a sponsorship from a Club, corporation or individual.

    Activities available for campers during the daytime include a tie-dye booth (bring your own or purchase a white Great Lakes Gathering T-shirts), sand art creations, a Water Volleyball Tournament, a Water Balloon Warl, and many others. The goal is to break down barriers, create unity among statewide activists and heal wounds among representatives of organizations that sometimes find themselves at odds. There is no better time for relaxed conversation then when gathered around a campfire after a hard day of play.

    Sponsorship's are available in two forms. A physical sponsorship would be done by a Club or organization that agrees to bring and set number of campers and run the event themselves, covering all costs but having no sponsorship fee. The second sponsorship is a financial sponsorship, a donation that covers the costs of the activity and event expenses. Financial Sponsorship's are available in three levels.

    The initial level of sponsorship is the Sponsor Level. $100 up to as mush as you want to give. is an event sponsorship and will assure the sponsor’s inclusion on the event banner, the Facebook and email media mentions. The

    Primary Sponsorship is available for $250, which is an Activity Sponsorship would include the Sponsor level perks plus a logo included on all literature and posters produced, an event named in their honor (eg., The Northern Lights Hydro Water Balloon War- North vs. South), a small logo on the banner, radio show mentions on two broadcasts weekly, and one complimentary camping site and 4 weekend camping tickets.

    The Gold Sponsorship is the ultimate for $ 500, it includes 2 sites and 8 camping tickets, large logo on banners and literature, the sponsor’s logo appearing at the head of website, and a speaking opportunity for the Club or company representative.

    A Final submission date has been set at July 29th with a print date of June 30th.

    Thank you for your involvement in this event in advance, and we eagerly await your answer as to the inclusion of your name on the event.

    Signed by the Organizers-

    Rick Thompson
    Mark Leasure
    Christiana Starr Offerman Moore
    Becca Hollandsworth
    Mark Sischo
    Joseph Casias
    A Website has now been launched. Check back frequently for Updates:

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