Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ganja Goldfish: Bringing The Savory To Stoned

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Newcomers to the world of cannabis-infused medibles often forget that such medicated treats don't have to be sweets; a range of savory options are available which get you just as stoned.

Case in point: Nikki's Canna Kitchen's medicated goldfish, which are so yummy you're almost guaranteed to eat all you have of 'em. One of these little ganja-infused guys leads to another and another, and if you keep going long enough, you'll get the munchies from these munchies and then you can sure enough go to town.

It turns out the cheesy, salty flavor of goldfish works very well with the subtle flavor of cannabis; I actually prefer these medicated crackers to the ones you buy in the grocery store. That almost certainly, however, has a lot to do with the fact that pain tends to go away about an hour after eating them.

Depending on your tolerance level, you may need anywhere from a couple handfuls of these crackers, to a couple bags of 'em. But that's the beauty of cannabis dosing -- there's no one "correct dose," and even if you accidentally over-indulge a little, the worst that can happen is you get really stoned, perhaps get couchlocked, and then fall asleep. (You'll wake up refreshed from the good rest.)
I found my Nikki's medicated goldfish at Sonshine Organics' Washington Farmers Market at 3211-A Yelm Highway in Olympia, which is more than a just a great place to comparison shop for cannabis flowers and edibles -- it's also a warmly welcoming social event for patients. Organizer Sarena Haskins and the entire Sonshine crew provide a fun and happy place to relax and unwind for while, as well as get your marijuana shopping done. You'll need your medical marijuana authorization and Washington ID to gain admittance.
You can contact Nikki Lott of Nikki's Canna Kitchen at (253) 973-4285 or email nikkiscannakitchen@gmail.com.

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