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Cancellation of Global Marijuana March in Costa Rica Due to Moles


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 Global March in Calgary, 2007
Everything was set for “Cannmbio”, a group that seeks the legalization of cultivation and personal use of marijuana in Costa Rica, to join in the 2012 Global Marijuana March in solidarity with hundreds of like-minded organizations around the world. The rally was called off, however, at the last minute.

According to digital newspaper Costa Rica Hoy, the rally was canceled due to the discovery of individuals who had infiltrated the pro-marijuana movement with disruption in mind. The march was originally planned to assemble on May 5th at 10:00 am. Sympathizers were going to meet in San Jose, at the Plaza de la Cultura, and then march en masse to one of the downtown parks to continue their demonstration until 4:00 pm. These plans were quickly abandoned at the eleventh hour when the organizing committee stated that moles came forward and threatened the integrity of the rally.

Speaking to Costa Rica Hoy, Diego Grosscors -the leader of Cannmbio- explained that:
“We decided to suspend the protest to maintain the safety and integrity of our supporters. We are pacifists and don’t want to be taunted, nor do we want to incite violence.”
The group has a considerable following on Facebook -more than 12,000 followers. When the rally was organized with a single posting, many followers suggested the creation of a Facebook event because they “forget easily.” The group posted an update with the cancellation, and yet about 30 people showed up and and spoke to members of the media.

Mr. Grosscors added that he expects to meet with President Laura Chinchilla to discuss the options of legalizing marijuana in Costa Rica.

Aside from marching in solidarity with the rest of the pro-marijuana groups, Cannmbio intended to formalize its operations; to move beyond Facebook and assemble democratically. The group’s aim includes the promotion of a culture that is centered on Cannabis sativa and its use.

Had the rally taken place, Mr. Grosscors had several measures in place to provide safety and gravitas to the march. He specifically explained that underage individuals would have been banned from marching, that smoking in public spaces would not have been tolerated, and that known dealers would have been turned away. He added the following:
“We are asking for respect our right to make a conscious choice to consume, and we want to change existing drug policy, which has been a failure. We want to talk about lessening the negative impact and offering rehabilitation solutions that are effective and meaningful.”

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