Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Penny Stock in News: Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) Shares fall 15.25% in Tuesday’s Trading; 31.97% in Last 3 Sessions

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Shares of Cannabis Science Inc. (OTC: CBIS), a medical marijuana company, fell sharply in Tuesday’s trading session. The penny stock of CBIS ended the day 15.25% lower at $0.100, with volume up from daily average of 30.18 million to 58.34 million.

In the last three trading sessions, CBIS shares have fallen 31.97%. Despite the losses in the last few trading sessions the penny stock is still up more than 200% in the last one month.

Cannabis Science announced on Tuesday that it began pre-production of groundbreaking medical marijuana documentary project. The documentary will be the first ever to focus on the science behind medicinal cannabis. It will also untangle the history of marijuana’s reputation and look at the improvement it can bring to people’s daily lives and what breakthroughs could be on the horizon from this emerging industry.

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