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Cannabis Energy Drink

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Cannabis Energy Drink - Natural ingredients

Energy drink, exactly what are you drinking

Each energy drink has its own composition and other ingredients. And you can taste it! The energy comes from caffeine, taurine, sugars and other ingredients, just what is in it. Often there are artificial ingredients in energy drinks. Cannabis Energy Drink from Austria contains exclusively natural ingredients.

Cannabis Energy Drink with cannabis extract*


What make the Cannabis Energy Drink so unique are the natural ingredients and the cannabis extract*. There is no other energy drank that has that. Sometimes Guarana or Ginseng is added, but that still is roughing it a bit. Below you can see the most important differences with other energy or power drinks:

Nutritional value per 100 ml
Energy 194kJ - 45,6kcal
Protein <0,4g
Carbohydrates 10,5g
Sugars 10,5g
Fat <0,10g
Saturated Fatty Acids <0,10g
Fibres <0,10g
Sodium 0,005 g

Vitamins 100 ml
B3 Niacin 7,2 mg 40%*
B5 Pantothenic Acid 2 mg 33%*
B6 0,8 mg 40%*
B2 Riboflavin 0,64 mg 40%*
B12 0,4 µg 40%*

* % Guideline Daily Amount  

They don’t seem to differ very much, but with energy drink and power drink a small difference means a vast difference. Natural ingredients provide a nice taste. Only Cannabis Energy Drink contains cannabis extract*.

* No narcotic effects, 100% THC free.

Not suitable for children, diabetics, pregnant women and persons sensitive to cafeine.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

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