Saturday, March 17, 2012

4/20's EVE - Totally Legal Medicine Show

Thursday, April 19, 2012
The Medicinal Cannabis Patient's Alliance of Canada bring's you the "Totally Legal Medicine Show", a first of its kind in Kelowna.

An Evening of Music & Meducation..(Speakers to be announced shortly)

We will be there to share information, meducate, and advocate. If you or a loved one can benefit from Medicinal Cannabis we can show you how to do it legally.

Awesome door prizes and in a relaxing atmosphere make for a GREAT time!

Performances by:

- Joelle Fuller - singer / acoustics


- Mad Melody Records
* MCBodhi
* Cinged
* Toxik Emissionz
* P-City
* Jay-E
* Adanacmorf

Information table :

- Medicinal Cannabis Patients Alliance of Canada
- Stop the Violence BC
- L.E.A.P. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
- Moms for Marijuana -Canada

TICKETS AT THE DOOR: $10 / person
(seating capacity of 60... so be sure to show up early)

Proceeds going to Medicinal Cannabis Patients Alliance of Canada & to pay for the event.

A donation of non-perishable goods for the local foodbanks would be appreciated. Pick up box on site. :)

596 Leon Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J6

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