Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hemp Healing Salve


$8.00 ($5.33 / oz)

Product Description

A natural relief for Eczema, Psoriasis and other auto-immune disorders. We developed the Healing Hemp Salve for our daughter's eczema and psoriasis. The natural ingredients reduce redness, relieve itching, moisturize and promote new skin cell growth. Use on other forms of dermatitis, burns, wounds, fungus and insect bites. Apply liberally on affected areas as needed for relief.

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5Best thing since duct tape
By Elizabeth Morin
We now have a container of this salve in all the important rooms in our house and both of our cars. I love the way it warms so quickly when it touches my skin and absorbs without feeling greasy. The smell is light and comforting. Chapped lips - grab the hemp salve, Dry cuticles -grab the hemp salve. Itchy skin- grab the hemp salve. Healing a cut- you got it- grab the hemp salve. I even used it as an air freshener in my son's car. I never thought that beast would smell good again, but it does thanks to, you guessed it, Healing Hemp Salve. Love this stuff!
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By Travel Tulip
In the summer when I get out of the shower I have extremely intense itchy skin. I've tried many different types of lotions and oils and nothing helped until I tried this salve. It's eliminated the itching! My skin is also so soft and old scars on my hands from cats are starting to fade. I love this product!

Save Money and make your own Hemp Healing Salve
You need
  • Aloe Vera- 1 part- 8 ounces
  • Bees wax- 1 part -- 1/2 pound
  • Coconut Oil- 4 parts -2 pounds
  • Hemp- 4 parts
  • Vanilla Oil- For smell
  1. First thing you need to do is take the bees wax and put it into a large aluminum pot.
  2. Put  it onto the stove and let it gently heat, you do not want it to burn so keep an eyes on it and stir when needed.
  3. One the beeswax has melted add the coconut oil.
  4. Keep stirring and heating it until it becomes clear
  5. Put the Aloe vera in the refrigerator to get cold and develop a soft skin
  6. Take the Aloe vera from the refrigerator and add it to the heated oil
  7. Keep stirring until the aloe vera is broken down and soft
  8. Turn the heat off
  9. Now is the time to add the hemp oil you have
  10. You can also at this time add the scented vanilla. It is a good fragrance for both men and women.
  11. Once it is cooled down you can add any essential oil you want, or vitamin E
  12. Then put it into the freezer
  13. Take out the next day and scoop the salve into small jar containers
It is good to do research on recipes and just what hemp is before you make your first salve.

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